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Brett Judd Hypnotherapy

Unlocking the Root Cause of Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome for
Unlimited Potential and Success in 6 weeks or less!

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Rapid and lasting transformations for personal and professions life. 



Being in business and owning your own practice is one of the greatest joys there is in life.

The freedom and the prosperity that can come from it are endless. So is the heart-ache, and stress it can bring. Staff conflict, client care and retention, and balancing family and business all increase the potential for burnout and stress.

More impacting than those needs are the internal voices and thoughts that beat us down and keep us from finally reaching our goals and dreams.

The good news is -- with the right tools and the proper coaching,


You can build a profitable stress-free business and a fantastic life.



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Don't put off the success you always wanted.
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Ready for rapid and lasting change? 

Looking to erase the inner noise that  keeps you from the life you want and the speed to success you desire?

The R.P.M. method gets you the results you want - FAST


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Coaching when you need it!

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Brett understands the barriers to success that stand in the way of nearly all entrepreneurs and success driven people. He has personally experienced the challenges and learned the tools needed to stay focused and resilient against the pressures life and business deliver.

Brett's has created methods that increase the speed to success eliminating the stress, frustration, and burn-out too often experienced. 

Brett loves to see his clients master the apex of any change and to break down the barriers that create stress and mental distress that can easily put you in the gravel. 

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Dr. Phillip Lance
Miami Valley Smiles
Mason, Ohio

"Talking with Brett really helped me bring clarity about how to approach things and maybe take a little more time talking about things - or listening about things - as opposed to just jumping to the answer."

Scott Warga
ACSI - Chandler AZ.

"[Brett's] ability to see where things were going to go .. and to prepare me for that mentally was unbelievable. It's incredible the way he has taken the psychological, or the counseling, ability and brought it home to where the average business person can take that information and use it improve their business."

Brad Szolloes
Liquid Leadership

"You don't really just realize how much your personal relationships effect your business relationships and your life.  This is the first couple (Me and Gina) who bring it down to brass tax ..."



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