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Build your dental teams for greater profits and increase production

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An Engaged Staff Can Save You 21% In Lost Production

The success of your thriving practice is centered in your High Production Team. 

From front desk initial patient interaction to amazing chair side comfort and care, your team is the heart to patient care and having an amazing dentist experience. 

The culture, values, and the fluid interdependence of your team is evident in every aspect of your practice. Great teams create more than just a great experience at the dentist - they create an exciting and profitable practice. 

A lot of practices are suffering from issues of low morale, unengaged staff, and constant turnover. These all cost practices in emotional stress, financial loss, and patient retention. Gallup research indicates getting a more engaged and cohesive team in your practice can reclaim a lost 21% in profitability and 22% production in businesses.

Changes in the workforce have altered the way that practice leadership is motivating and unifying their teams. What worked in the past isn't working today. The great thing is that making the changes that will make your practice profitable, hassle-free, and highly successful are easy.

Team dynamics, leadership, and performance are major factors in retaining new and committed patients, increasing sufficient cash-flow to survive, and is a leading cause of stress for many dentists and practice leaders.

By creating an autonomous, self-directed team of highly skilled and empowered professionals you will see a marked rise in patient loyalty, staff engagement, and overall production and profits.

As practice owners, and office managers it is essential that a true team is built and allowed to function in their respective positions. It is no wonder that staff issues continue to be a number one cause of stress in practice and with the incoming “Millennial” workforce. 

The Practice Leadership Formula builds strong autonomous and self-directed teams who are committed to the success of the practice and each other.  To begin building your High Production Team, get the download below and to really build a practice that say "We C.A.R.E." schedule a consultation with Brett today.


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